Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story for Kids

Welcome to the enchanting tale of “Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story,” a captivating narrative set in the lush greenery of Vrindavan. This story drives young readers to a time when the young hero Krishna saves his village from great peril. The Yamuna River, a vital source of life for the villagers, has been poisoned by the fearsome snake Kaliya. With courage and divine strength, Krishna confronts the serpent, leading to a dramatic showdown by the river.

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This beautifully simple retelling introduces themes of courage, compassion, and the importance of caring for our natural world, making it a perfect story for young minds to enjoy and learn from.

Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story

The “Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story” unfolds in the vibrant village of Vrindavan, where the young Krishna confronts a grave danger threatening his community. Kaliya, a fearsome multi-headed snake, has poisoned the Yamuna River, the village’s life source. Despite warnings, Krishna fearlessly dives into the river to challenge the snake. Displaying divine power, he subdues Kaliya by dancing on his head, gradually weakening Kaliya.

Moved by the pleas of Kaliya’s wives, Krishna spares the snake under the condition that he leaves the river and returns to the ocean, never to poison it again. Kaliya agrees, and the waters of Yamuna become pure once more, restoring peace and safety to Vrindavan. This story celebrates the themes of bravery, mercy, and environmental responsibility.

Krishna And Kaliya Snake Full Story with Dialogues

In the lush, vibrant village of Vrindavan, filled with green meadows and clear rivers, lived young Krishna with his friends and villagers. One day, while playing by the river Yamuna, the villagers noticed the water had turned black and poisonous. This change brought fear to everyone, as the river was a source of life for them all.

Krishna And Kaliya Snake Full Story with Dialogues
Krishna And Kaliya Snake Full Story with Dialogues

Villager: “Krishna, please stay away from the river. It has become dangerous!”

But Krishna, known for his mischievous yet brave nature, was curious and concerned about the well-being of his village.

Krishna: “Don’t worry. I will find out what is troubling our river.”

As Krishna approached the river, he saw that the once clear waters were now dark and swirling with venom. This was the doing of Kaliya, the multi-headed snake, who had made the river his home. The poison from Kaliya was so potent that it killed the fish and made the water undrinkable.

Determined to confront the menace, Krishna did not hesitate. He climbed a large Kadamba tree and jumped into the poisoned waters with a mighty splash, drawing the attention of Kaliya.

Kaliya: “Who dares disturb my waters and challenge me?”

Krishna: “It is I, Krishna. You cannot harm this village any longer. Leave these waters at once!”

Angered by the defiance, Kaliya emerged in full fury, his many heads hissing and spewing more poison. He wrapped himself around Krishna, intending to crush him. However, Krishna’s divine strength was too much for Kaliya, and he began to dance on the snake’s head. With each step, Krishna’s feet pushed Kaliya’s head down, making the serpent weaker and weaker.

Kaliya’s Wife: “Please, Krishna, show mercy! He will not trouble you again.”

Krishna listened to the pleas and stopped. He looked at Kaliya with compassion and made him an offer.

Krishna: “Kaliya, if you promise to leave this river and go to the ocean, I will spare you. No longer poison the waters that these people depend on.”

Defeated and recognizing the greatness of Krishna, Kaliya agreed.

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Kaliya: “I will leave, Krishna, and never return to these waters. Thank you for your mercy.”

True to his word, Kaliya left the Yamuna, and the river once again became clear and pure. The villagers rejoiced, and their beloved Krishna had saved them once more.

Villagers: “Krishna, our saviour, we are forever grateful for your courage and kindness!”

From that day on, the waters of Yamuna flowed clean and sweet, and all the villagers of Vrindavan sang praises of Krishna’s bravery and merciful heart.

Moral in Detail for Better Understanding

The story of Krishna and the Kaliya snake teaches us several valuable lessons. Firstly, it highlights the importance of courage and taking action when faced with danger or injustice. Krishna’s bravery in confronting Kaliya saved his village and restored the purity of the Yamuna River.

Secondly, the story illustrates the power of mercy and forgiveness. Even though Krishna had the power to destroy Kaliya, he chose to show mercy and give Kaliya a chance to correct his wrongs by leaving the river. This act of forgiveness teaches us that compassion can lead to peaceful resolutions and positive changes.

Lastly, the narrative emphasizes environmental stewardship. Kaliya’s poisoning of the river serves as a metaphor for the harmful impact humans can have on nature. Krishna’s intervention shows the necessity of protecting and preserving our natural resources for the health and well-being of all community members.

Through this mythological story, children learn that true heroism involves bravery, compassion, and respect for the environment.


What is the main lesson from the Krishna And Kaliya Snake short story?

The main lesson is about the importance of bravery, mercy, and environmental conservation.

Why did Krishna dance on Kaliya’s heads?

Krishna danced on Kaliya’s heads to subdue him, demonstrating his divine power and restoring the safety of the Yamuna River.

How did the villagers react after Kaliya left the river?

The villagers were overjoyed and grateful, as their beloved river was safe once again.

What does Krishna represent in the story?

Krishna represents righteousness and the divine protector of harmony and peace.

Can this story be a good way to teach kids about respecting nature?

Yes, this story is an excellent way to instil values of respecting and protecting nature from a young age.

Summary of the Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story

The “Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story” is a vivid and powerful narrative that blends adventure with deep moral lessons. Through the heroic actions of young Krishna, children learn about courage, the importance of caring for the environment, and the power of mercy. This timeless Indian tale

not only entertains but also educates, making it a perfect story for young readers eager to explore the rich tapestry of mythology while learning important life values.

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