The Lion and The Mouse – Short Story of Friendship For Kids

In the heart of India’s lush jungles, a story of unexpected friendship and kindness unfolds, teaching us that no one is too small to make a big difference. “The Lion and The Mouse” is not just a narrative; it’s a lesson in compassion, bravery, and the power of gratitude. Join us as we delve into this enchanting tale that has been cherished for generations.

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The Lion and The Mouse Short Story

Once upon a time, a mighty lion was taking a nap in a forest when a small mouse accidentally ran over him, waking him up. Annoyed, the lion captured the mouse and was ready to eat him. The scared mouse begged for his life, promising to help the lion one day if spared. Amused by such a claim, the lion laughed but kindly let the mouse go.

The Lion And The Mouse Short Story Of Friendship For Kids
The Lion And The Mouse Short Story Of Friendship For Kids

Days later, the lion found himself trapped in a hunter’s net. Unable to escape, he roared for help. The same little mouse heard him and rushed to his aid. She gnawed through the ropes with her tiny teeth, eventually freeing the lion. Grateful for the mouse’s help, the lion learned that kindness is never wasted and even the smallest friend can be a great ally.

The Lion and The Mouse Full Story

An Unlikely Encounter

Our story begins on a lazy afternoon in the dense forests of India, where the mighty lion, the undisputed king of the jungle, lay sleeping peacefully under a tree. His majestic mane spread around him like a golden halo, and his powerful paws twitched in his sleep. Nearby, a tiny mouse, full of curiosity and energy, was exploring the forest floor in search of adventures.

Drawn to the sleeping giant, the mouse could not resist climbing onto the lion’s tail, mistaking it for a peculiar kind of hill. Its tiny feet danced over the lion’s back, tickling him awake. Startled and irritated, the lion caught the mouse in his powerful grasp, ready to punish the tiny intruder for its audacity.

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A Plea for Mercy

Trembling with fear, the mouse looked into the lion’s eyes and pleaded for its life. “Please, mighty lion, spare me! I am just a small creature, but who knows, one day I might be able to repay your kindness.” The lion, amused by the thought that such a small and seemingly insignificant creature could ever help him, let out a deep, rumbling laugh. Moved by the mouse’s bravery and touched by its plea, the lion decided to release the mouse. “Go,” he said, “but remember your promise.”

A Turn of Fate

As time passed, the lion forgot about the encounter, but the mouse remembered the lion’s act of mercy every day. Then, one day, the lion’s roar of distress echoed through the jungle. Caught in a hunter’s net, unable to free himself, the lion faced a fate he could never have imagined.

Hearing the lion’s roar, the mouse rushed to the scene. Seeing the plight of his former saviour, the mouse did not hesitate. With determination and courage, it began to gnaw at the ropes of the net. The tiny teeth of the mouse, so small and yet so powerful, eventually cut through the ropes, freeing the lion.

The Bond of Gratitude

The lion looked down at the mouse, gratitude shining in his eyes. “You were right,” he said, “Even the smallest friend can be of great help.” The mouse smiled, happy to have repaid the lion’s kindness.

The Moral of The Lion and The Mouse Short Story

“Short Stories The Lion and The Mouse” teaches us that kindness is a circle that returns to those who give it. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. It reminds us that friendship knows no bounds and that everyone, no matter how small, has the potential to make a significant impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main lesson of the short story “The Lion and The Mouse”?

The main lesson is that kindness transcends size and strength and that every act of kindness is valuable and can come full circle.

How can small acts of kindness make a difference?

Small acts of kindness can have a big impact by spreading joy, changing someone’s perspective, or even altering the course of their life, reinforcing the power of compassion and empathy.

Why did the lion let the mouse go?

Moved by the mouse’s plea and amused by its promise, the lion showed mercy, demonstrating that true strength includes kindness and forgiveness.

How did the mouse help the lion?

The mouse helped the lion by gnawing through the ropes of the hunter’s net, proving that even the smallest creatures can have a big impact when they act with courage and kindness.


“The Lion and The Mouse Short Story” is a profound tale that highlights the virtues of compassion and reciprocity. It shows that acts of kindness can come from the most unexpected places and that everyone, no matter how small, has the potential to make a significant impact. This story not only entertains but also educates, making it a valuable lesson for children everywhere.

The Lion and The Mouse” is more than just a story; it’s a timeless reminder of the values that bind us together, making it a cherished tale for children and adults alike.

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