The Farmer and the Snake Story with Moral For Children

“The Farmer and the Snake Story with Moral” is a classic fable that offers a vivid lesson about the inherent nature of individuals and the risks of misjudging character. This story involves a farmer who, in an act of compassion, saves a freezing snake, only to be bitten by it once it revives. Such a tale helps children understand the concept of inherent traits and the importance of cautious generosity.

In this article, we cover the story’s plot, discuss ways for children to engage with its themes, and encourage them to think about the implications of the farmer’s actions and their own experiences with trust and kindness. Related: A Glass Of Milk Story – Moral Stories On Kindness For Kids

The Farmer and the Snake Story with Moral

Once upon a time, in a small village surrounded by vast fields and forests, there lived a kind-hearted farmer. During the cold winter months, as he was gathering firewood, the farmer stumbled upon a snake, frozen and stiff from the chilly air.

The Farmer and the Snake Story with Moral
The Farmer and the Snake Story with Moral

Feeling sorry for the helpless creature, the farmer picked up the snake and carried it home. At home, he placed it by the fire to warm up and revive. Grateful for the warmth, the snake slowly came back to life. However, as soon as it had regained enough strength, it suddenly hissed and bit the farmer on the hand.

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Shocked by the betrayal, the farmer managed to shake the snake off and kill it to prevent it from biting again. As he nursed his wound, he lamented, “I saved you, and you repaid my kindness with your venom. I should have left you as I found you.”

Moral of the Story

“The Farmer and the Snake Story with Moral” teaches us that it is in the nature of the wicked to show ungratefulness and that sometimes, no matter how kind we are, some may repay our kindness with betrayal. This story highlights the importance of being cautious and understanding that not everyone may appreciate kindness in the same way. It encourages children to be wise in their judgments about whom to help and reminds them that it’s important to recognize when being kind might lead to harm.

Summary of the Story

In “The Farmer and the Snake,” a compassionate farmer finds a snake frozen and motionless due to the cold. Moved by pity, he takes the snake home and revives it by the warmth of his fire. However, as soon as the snake recovers, it bites the farmer, revealing its true nature. Despite the farmer’s kind intentions, his act of kindness is repaid with harm, leading to the snake’s death and a painful lesson learned about the dangers of ignoring the intrinsic nature of things.

How Can Kids Engage with the Story?

  1. Discussion: Have a guided discussion with children about the moral of the story. Ask them if they think the farmer made the right decision and what they would have done differently.
  2. Drawing Activity: Encourage children to draw their interpretation of the key scenes, such as the farmer finding the snake or the moment the snake bites.
  3. Role-Playing: Kids can take turns acting out different parts of the story, helping them to understand and express the characters’ feelings and actions.
  4. Writing Exercise: Invite the children to write an alternative ending to the story or a similar story where the character makes a different choice.

As we reflect on “The Farmer and the Snake Story with Moral,” think about the lessons it teaches us about caution and understanding the nature of those we help. Discuss with your friends or family about times when it’s important to be careful about who we trust. Can you think of other examples where someone’s true nature was different from what it seemed? Share your thoughts and drawings with us, and let’s learn to make wise decisions together!

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