The Lazy Donkey Story With Moral For Children: Bedtime Story

Step into the charming world of “The Lazy Donkey,” a captivating story set in a quaint village where a clever donkey learns a life-changing lesson about the value of honesty and diligence. As we follow the adventures of a donkey who tries to shirk his duties, we uncover a narrative rich with humour and wisdom.

This tale is not only a delightful read but also serves as a practical lesson for young minds on the importance of responsibility and the consequences of laziness. Ideal for children, it combines entertainment with a moral, making it a perfect tool for parents and educators to teach important life values. Related: Little Red Riding Hood Story With Moral For Children

The Lazy Donkey Story With Moral

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a miller who owned a donkey. The donkey helped the miller by carrying heavy sacks of grain to the mill. However, this donkey was quite lazy and always looked for ways to avoid work.

The Lazy Donkey Story With Moral
The Lazy Donkey Story With Moral

One hot summer day, the miller loaded the donkey with two large sacks of wheat. As they were walking towards the mill, the donkey felt extremely tired and didn’t want to walk anymore. He thought of a plan and decided to pretend to collapse so he wouldn’t have to carry the load.

The donkey fell to the ground and lay still. The miller became very worried and thought the donkey was unwell. A farmer passing by suggested that the donkey might be too hot and tired. He advised the miller to unload the sacks and give the donkey a good rest. The miller agreed and removed the sacks. As soon as the sacks were off, the donkey jumped up, feeling relieved.

Seeing this, the miller realized that the donkey had tricked him. However, instead of getting angry, he came up with a clever plan. The next day, the miller pretended to load the donkey with two very heavy sacks again. But this time, the sacks were filled with sponges and not wheat. The miller then took the donkey across a river. Related: Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story With Moral For Kids

As they crossed the river, the sponges in the sacks soaked up a lot of water and became extremely heavy. The donkey was now truly struggling under the weight much heavier than the original sacks of wheat. He regretted his earlier laziness and trickery.

After they crossed the river, the miller explained to the donkey that the heavy load was a lesson for pretending to be sick. The donkey learned his lesson, and from that day on, he never tried to avoid work by being deceitful again.

Moral of the Story

The story of The Lazy Donkey teaches us that being lazy and deceitful can lead to more difficulties. It’s important to be honest and do our work diligently. Trying to avoid work doesn’t really help; it only makes situations worse. This tale encourages children to be responsible and hardworking and not to shirk their duties.

Summary of the Story

In the story, a miller’s donkey tries to avoid work by pretending to collapse under the weight of heavy sacks. The miller, initially fooled by the donkey’s act, soon realizes the truth and decides to teach the donkey a lesson. He tricks the donkey by loading him with sacks filled with sponges, which become unbearably heavy when they soak up river water. This clever trick makes the donkey realize the folly of his laziness and deceit, leading him to never shirk his duties again.

How Can Kids Engage with the Story?

  1. Discussion: After reading the story, discuss with the kids why it’s important to be honest and not lazy. Ask them how they feel when they complete their tasks sincerely.
  2. Role Play: Children can take turns playing the roles of the donkey and the miller to bring the story to life and understand the perspectives of each character.
  3. Art and Craft: Let kids create their own illustrations or crafts based on scenes from the story like the donkey carrying sacks or crossing the river.
  4. Writing Exercise: Encourage children to write a short paragraph on what they would do if they were in the donkey’s place.

Now that we’ve learned about the consequences of being lazy and deceitful through “The Lazy Donkey,” think about ways to be more responsible in your daily activities. Share your thoughts or drawings about the story with your friends and family. Let’s all remember the importance of hard work and honesty in everything we do!

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