The Two Goats Short Story With Moral For Kids

“The Two Goats Short Story” is an engaging fable that teaches children the value of cooperation and finding creative solutions to problems. In this simple tale, two goats each approach a narrow bridge from opposite ends, only to find themselves stuck in the middle, unable to pass each other.

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Faced with the dilemma of how to proceed without risking their safety, the goats learn to negotiate and come up with a clever plan that allows both to cross safely. This story is perfect for young readers, illustrating how patience and teamwork can turn a challenging situation into a positive outcome.

The Two Goats Short Story: A Tale of Problem Solving

In “The Two Goats Short Story,” two goats separately set out to explore and find food, each arriving from opposite sides at a narrow bridge. As they meet in the middle, neither is willing to back down, facing a standoff on the bridge that is too narrow for them to pass each other safely. Initially, they confront each other, each insisting on being the first to cross.

However, realizing the danger of their stubbornness, they soon begin to seek a solution. One goat suggests lying down on the bridge while the other carefully steps over. This plan works successfully, allowing both goats to continue their journeys safely. Through this encounter, the goats learn the value of cooperation and creative thinking when faced with difficult situations.

The Two Goats Short Story Full Story with Dialogues

In a lush green valley surrounded by towering mountains, there lived two goats. Each goat was from a different herd, and one sunny morning, both goats decided to explore the valley to find the freshest and most delicious grass. Their search led them each to a narrow bridge spanning a fast-flowing river below. The bridge was old and rickety, made of weathered planks barely wide enough for one goat to cross at a time.

The Two Goats Full Story With Moral For Kids
The Two Goats Full Story With Moral For Kids

As fate would have it, the two goats approached the bridge from opposite ends at the same time. The bridge was too narrow for them to pass each other safely. As they met in the middle of the bridge, each goat stubbornly refused to back down. They stood nose to nose, neither willing to give way to the other.

The first goat, feeling quite bold, bleated, “I will not move for you! I am stronger and deserve to cross first!”

The second goat, equally determined, responded, “Why should your strength decide? I arrived here just as you did, and I have as much right to cross as you!”

They butted heads gently at first, then with increasing stubbornness and force. The bridge creaked ominously under their hooves, and for a moment, it seemed they might both end up tumbling into the river below.

Realizing the danger, the first goat took a deep breath and said, “Let us not fight and risk falling into the river. There must be a way for both of us to get what we want without coming to harm.”

The second goat nodded, and together they pondered the problem. After a moment of thoughtful silence, the first goat suggested, “What if I lie down on the bridge, and you step carefully over me? That way, you can pass, and we both stay dry and safe.”

The second goat considered this idea and then agreed, “That sounds like a fair solution. I will be careful not to step too hard on you.”

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So, the first goat carefully lay down on the narrow bridge, tucking its legs under its body. The second goat then slowly and carefully stepped over the first goat, taking great care not to hurt it. Once safely on the other side, the second goat turned and helped the first goat to its feet.

Both goats nodded to each other in thanks and continued on their separate ways, happy to have found a peaceful solution.

Moral of The Two Goats Short Story

The moral of “The Two Goats Short Story” is that compromise and cooperation are far better than conflict. The goats learned that by working together and considering each other’s needs, they could both achieve their goals without harm. This story teaches children the importance of looking for peaceful solutions during conflicts, emphasizing that sometimes a little creativity and willingness to think about the other person’s perspective can resolve what seems like an impossible situation.


What is the main conflict in The Two Goats Short Story?

The main conflict is between two goats who meet on a narrow bridge and cannot pass because the path is too narrow for both.

How do the goats resolve their conflict?

The goats resolve their conflict by one goat kneeling to let the other step over him, demonstrating cooperation and problem-solving.

What lesson do the goats learn?

The goats learn that cooperation and seeking creative solutions can help resolve conflicts and benefit everyone involved.

Why is compromise important according to the story?

Compromise is important as it allows both parties to achieve their goals without conflict, which leads to a peaceful and positive outcome.

Can this story be applied to real-life situations for kids?

Yes, this story is applicable to real-life situations where kids might face conflicts with others. It teaches them the value of considering alternative solutions and working together to resolve disputes.

Summary of The Two Goats Short Story

The Two Goats Short Story” is a compelling fable that imparts essential life skills such as compromise, cooperation, and creative problem-solving. By presenting these themes through the simple scenario of two goats on a bridge, the story makes it easy for children to understand and apply these lessons in their own lives, encouraging them to approach conflicts with empathy and ingenuity.

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