The Ugly Tree Story – Short Stories On Trees For Kids

Once upon a time, in a lush green forest in India, where animals roamed freely and birds sang beautifully, a tree stood like any other. This tree was known to all the forest dwellers as the “Ugly Tree.” But what made it so unique? Let’s embark on a magical journey through “The Ugly Tree Story,” a narrative that unfolds the beauty of acceptance, diversity, and the strength found in our differences.

The Ugly Tree Story

The Ugly Tree Story - Short Stories On Trees For Kids
The Ugly Tree Story – Short Stories On Trees For Kids

In the heart of a vibrant forest, where every tree was known for its splendour, stood one tree that seemed out of place. This tree, called the Ugly Tree by others, had twisted branches, uneven leaves, and a trunk that was far from straight. Unlike its peers, the Ugly Tree was often overlooked, its beauty unseen by many. Yet, this story is not just about appearance; it’s a profound lesson on the importance of seeing beyond the surface.

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The Ugly Tree Full Story

The Unwanted Tree

The Ugly Tree always felt left out as it watched the other trees around it grow tall and straight, with perfect branches reaching towards the sky. Children would come to the forest to play, but none would come near The Ugly Tree. Birds would build nests on the branches of the other trees, but they avoided the Ugly Tree, thinking it was too weak to support their homes.

The Turning Point

One scorching summer, the forest experienced a severe drought. The beautiful trees struggled without water, their leaves turning brown and their branches drooping. However, the Ugly Tree, with its deep roots stretching far into the earth, found water from sources unknown to the others. It kept its green leaves and even offered shade to the animals seeking respite from the heat.

The Realisation

As the seasons changed, forest dwellers began to see the Ugly Tree in a new light. They realized that its uniqueness was its strength. The tree’s twisted branches provided better protection and cooler shade. Birds started to build their nests in its branches, finding them more secure against strong winds. Children found joy in playing hide-and-seek around its unusual trunk.

The Celebration

By the time spring arrived, the Ugly Tree was no longer seen as ugly but as a vital part of the forest. It was celebrated for its resilience, strength, and unique beauty. The once-overlooked tree became a symbol of pride and joy for the entire forest.

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“The Ugly Tree Story” teaches us that true beauty lies not in how we look but in our uniqueness and the qualities we possess within. It’s a reminder that everyone has their own strengths and that we should not judge others based on appearances alone.


What is the main lesson of “The Ugly Tree Story”?

The main lesson is to appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness and inner strength in ourselves and others rather than judging by appearances.

How did the Ugly Tree help the forest during the drought?

With its deep roots, the Ugly Tree was able to find water deep underground, staying green and providing shade and shelter to the forest dwellers during the drought.

Why did the birds and children start liking the Ugly Tree?

They realised that its unique shape provided better protection and a more enjoyable environment, teaching them the value of inner qualities over appearances.

What makes “The Ugly Tree Story” suitable for kids?

It’s written in simple English, features engaging characters, and imparts a meaningful lesson in a way that’s accessible and entertaining for children.

Can “The Ugly Tree Story” be considered a short story about trees?

Yes, it’s a perfect example of short stories about trees that entertain and educate children about important life lessons.


“The Ugly Tree Story” is a touching narrative set in a vibrant forest in India, telling the tale of a tree that stood out not for its beauty but for what was perceived as its flaws. Through the journey of the Ugly Tree, children learn the invaluable lessons of acceptance, looking beyond the superficial, and finding beauty in the unique and different. It’s a story that encourages kids to see the world with kinder, more understanding eyes and to appreciate the diversity and strength in nature and in each other.

This tale, rich with morals and emotions, is a wonderful addition to the collection of tree stories in English, making it a must-read for young minds eager to explore the beauty in diversity and the power of resilience.

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