Two Cats And A Monkey Short Story With Moral for Kids

Welcome to a wonderful tale called “Two Cats And A Monkey Short Story.” This engaging story is perfect for young children, as it mixes fun with a valuable lesson that’s easy to grasp. Follow along as we meet two cats who stumble upon a piece of cheese and can’t agree on how to share it.

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Their disagreement catches the attention of a clever monkey who offers to help but has his own clever plan. This simple yet meaningful story teaches about the importance of sharing and the dangers of being too greedy. Let’s dive into this adventure and find out how the story unfolds and what lessons can be learned from it!

Two Cats And A Monkey Short Story

The story of Two Cats And A Monkey begins when two cats find a piece of cheese and start arguing over who should get the larger share. Unable to decide, they agree to let a passing monkey split it for them, hoping for a fair decision. The monkey offers to help but secretly plans to take advantage of the cats’ disagreement.

He pretends to balance the portions by eating from the larger piece, but each time, he makes another piece larger and continues eating. The cats are too involved in their argument to notice until it’s too late. Eventually, the monkey eats almost all the cheese, leaving very little for the cats. Realizing their mistake, the cats learn that their greed and inability to cooperate led to their loss.

Two Cats And A Monkey Full Story with Dialogues

In a quaint village surrounded by lush fields, two cats were roaming around in search of food. As they wandered, their eyes caught sight of a shiny piece of cheese lying beside the road. Both cats dashed towards it, each eager to claim the prize.

Two Cats And A Monkey Full Story with Dialogues
Two Cats And A Monkey Full Story with Dialogues

Cat 1: “Look what we have here! This cheese is just what I needed. It’s definitely mine since I saw it first!”

Cat 2: “But I am the one who got here first. It’s only fair that I should have it!”

They circled the cheese, each trying to snatch it away, but neither willing to give in. Their voices grew louder as the argument heated up.

Cat 1: “I think we should split it. That’s the only fair way!”

Cat 2: “Yes, but how do we divide it equally? I don’t trust you to do it fairly!”

As they bickered, a clever monkey watched from a nearby tree. Sensing an opportunity, the monkey swung down gracefully and approached the arguing cats with a wide smile.

Monkey: “Why, what a commotion over such a delightful piece of cheese! Perhaps I can assist? I am known for my fairness.”

The cats, desperate and unable to resolve their dispute, agreed eagerly, handing the piece of cheese to the monkey.

Monkey: “Let me see… I shall make sure to divide this equally between the two of you.”

The monkey split the cheese into two pieces, but not evenly. One piece was noticeably larger than the other. He bit a chunk from the larger piece, ostensibly to even them out, but then the smaller piece became the larger one.

Monkey: “Oh, dear! Now this piece is larger. Let me adjust that.”

He nibbled from the new larger piece, and this went on several times. With each “adjustment,” the monkey ate a significant portion of the cheese.

The cats, initially watching the monkey’s actions, slowly grew puzzled as they saw their share of cheese diminishing rapidly.

Cat 1: “Hey, that’s enough! You are eating our cheese!”

Cat 2: “Look at what you have done! There is hardly anything left for either of us!”

Finally, the monkey, with a cheeky grin, stopped his charade. He looked at the tiny morsels left for the cats and then at the much larger amount he had consumed.

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Monkey: “My dear friends, sometimes, trying to divide things too precisely just leads to more trouble than it’s worth. Perhaps next time, you’ll think of sharing without fussing over exact measures.”

With a mischievous chuckle, the monkey leapt back into the tree, leaving the cats staring in dismay at their tiny scraps of cheese.

Cat 1: “This is all because we couldn’t agree. We were too greedy and now we’ve lost everything.”

Cat 2: “We should have worked it out together instead of fighting.”

The cats learned a tough lesson that day as they left the scene with almost nothing, pondering over their mistakes and the sly monkey’s words.

Moral of the Two Cats And A Monkey Short Story

The story of the two cats and the monkey teaches us several important lessons about greed, trust, and the importance of cooperation. Firstly, it shows that when individuals are greedy and focus only on their own interests, they can end up losing much more than they might have gained. The cats were so busy arguing over who deserved the cheese more that they failed to notice the monkey’s deception.

Secondly, the story highlights the importance of being cautious about whom we trust. The monkey appeared helpful and fair, but his intentions were selfish. This teaches children to be wary of trusting someone just because they offer to help, especially when that person may have something to gain from the situation.

Finally, this tale emphasizes the value of cooperation and communication. If the cats had worked together from the beginning to share the cheese fairly, they could have both enjoyed their share without being tricked by the monkey. Instead, their inability to cooperate led to both of them losing out.

In essence, the moral of the story of Two Cats And A Monkey encourages children to think about how they interact with others, the importance of fair play, and being vigilant about the motives of those who offer to help in a dispute. This story serves as a gentle reminder that working together often leads to better outcomes than fighting or being overly competitive.


What is the main lesson from the Two Cats And A Monkey short story?

The main lesson is to avoid letting greed and disputes cloud judgment, as it can lead to exploitation by others.

How can kids apply the moral of this story in their lives?

Kids can learn to share and resolve conflicts amicably without letting selfishness get in the way.

Are there other versions of this story?

Similar stories exist in various cultures, emphasizing the same morals about greed and deception.

Why did the monkey deceive the cats?

The monkey represents cunning and self-interest, teaching that not everyone who offers help does so with good intentions.

Can this story be told to younger children?

Absolutely! It’s a simple story with a strong moral, suitable for even very young children.

Summary of the Two Cats And A Monkey Short Story

The “Two Cats And A Monkey Short Story” is a captivating narrative that imparts important life lessons to children. Through the engaging antics of the cats and the cunning monkey, children learn about the consequences of greed and the importance of fairness and cooperation. This small story with moral is perfect for teaching young minds the values that will help them grow into considerate and wise individuals.

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