The Elephant And The Tailor Short Story With Moral For Kids

“The Elephant And The Tailor Short Story” is a heartwarming and instructive tale set in a vibrant village where a tailor known for his playful pranks learns a valuable lesson in kindness from an unlikely friend, a gentle elephant. One day, the tailor decides to play a mischievous trick on the elephant, leading to unexpected consequences that teach him about the impact of his actions. This simple yet profound story not only entertains but also teaches young readers about empathy, the consequences of thoughtless actions, and the importance of making amends.

The Elephant And The Tailor Short Story: A Lesson Learned

In “The Elephant And The Tailor Short Story,” a playful tailor decides to prank a gentle elephant by pricking its trunk with a needle as it reaches for treats in his shop. Shocked and hurt, the elephant retreats. The next day, seeking to teach the tailor a lesson, the elephant fills its trunk with muddy water from a puddle and douses the tailor as he works outside his shop, ruining his clothes and leaving him embarrassed but wiser.

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Realizing the pain his thoughtless action caused, the tailor learns the importance of kindness and empathy. He makes amends, and from that day on, he treats all creatures with respect, forging a friendship with the elephant based on mutual understanding and forgiveness.

The Elephant And The Tailor Full Story with Dialogues

In a lively village nestled among rolling hills, there lived a tailor known for both his exceptional craftsmanship and his penchant for pranks. His small shop, adorned with colourful fabrics and threads, was a popular stop for many, including a gentle elephant from the nearby temple. This elephant was a beloved figure in the village, often fed by locals who admired its serene demeanour.

The Elephant And The Tailor Full Story with Dialogues
The Elephant And The Tailor Full Story with Dialogues

One hot afternoon, as the market buzzed with activity, the elephant wandered over to the tailor’s shop in search of the treats it was often given. The tailor, seeing the elephant extend its trunk inside his shop, thought of playing a trick on the unsuspecting animal. With a mischievous grin, he pricked the tip of the elephant’s trunk with a needle. The sharp pain startled the elephant, causing it to trumpet loudly and retreat in distress.

Feeling a twinge of satisfaction from his prank, the tailor chuckled and returned to his work, unaware of the lesson he was about to learn. The next day, as the tailor hung freshly stitched garments outside his shop, the elephant returned to the market. However, this time, it had not come for treats but for retribution. Quietly, it approached a muddy puddle near the tailor’s shop, sucked up a trunkful of murky water, and headed straight towards the tailor.

As the tailor spotted the elephant, he smiled, expecting a friendly gesture. Instead, he was drenched from head to toe with the muddy water. The shock of the cold, dirty water left him shivering and his beautiful garments ruined. The elephant, having made its point, walked away calmly, leaving the tailor in a state of surprise and reflection.

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The tailor stood there, dripping and embarrassed, as the villagers gathered around. He realized the error of his ways and felt deep remorse for causing pain to the elephant—a creature that had only shown him kindness. He learned that his actions, however small or seemingly playful, could have significant consequences.

From that day on, the tailor vowed never to harm or play pranks on any creature again. He apologized to the elephant the next time it visited, offering it a generous serving of his best treats. The elephant, gracious and forgiving, accepted the gesture, and over time, the two became good friends.

Moral of the Story

“The Elephant And The Tailor Short Story” teaches us a crucial lesson about empathy and respect. It highlights the importance of considering the feelings and well-being of others, whether they are humans or animals. The tailor’s transformation from a prankster to a kind-hearted friend underscores that it is never too late to change for the better and act with kindness. This story encourages children to think about the impact of their actions and to treat everyone with the respect and care they deserve.


What provoked the tailor to prick the elephant’s trunk?

The tailor was driven by a moment of mischief and did not think about the pain it would cause the elephant.

How did the elephant respond to the tailor’s prank?

The elephant responded by teaching the tailor a lesson, spraying him with muddy water to show him how it feels to be hurt.

What lesson did the tailor learn from this incident?

The tailor learned that his actions could lead to negative consequences and that it is important to treat every creature with kindness.

Why is the story important for children?

It is important as it teaches children about empathy, kindness, and the impact of their actions on others.

How does the story incorporate cultural elements?

The story is set in a village in India. It features the local marketplace and a temple elephant, integrating cultural elements that bring the story to life.


This engaging story not only entertains but also imparts a vital moral lesson on the repercussions of our actions and the power of kindness and forgiveness. By integrating elements of humour and a poignant message, “The Elephant And The Tailor” serves as an excellent educational tool for young readers, encouraging them to embrace empathy in all their interactions.

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